Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden

You know those idyllic footbridges winding over koi ponds and tranquil waterfalls you see in all the movies? This place is literally that scene brought to life. Tucked away in the heart of Greensboro, the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is a blooming, vibrant paradise that lets you #escapeforaminute from the city hustle. Lose yourself in the lush, meandering trails through sculptured topiaries, fragrant rose gardens, and bubbling streams. You’ll swear you traveled to the English countryside as you lounge on a bench and watch dragonflies dance overhead. Need to stretch your legs? Hit the scenic 1.5-mile walking loop circling the park’s 7 whimsical acres. Don’t miss seasonal events like the dazzling “Garden Glow” light display during winter. With picturesque photo ops at every turn, the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is perfect for groups.

Address:  1105 Hobbs Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410

Phone: (336) 373-2238

Greensboro Arboretum

So you think you’ve seen every garden in the Piedmont? Bet you haven’t uncovered Greensboro’s best-kept secret: the Greensboro Arboretum. This one-of-a-kind living museum showcases a rotating collection of exotic plants and trees from every corner of the world. Time your visit during spring and wander through the ethereal cherry blossom groves reminiscent of Japan’s iconic gardens. Check out the newly planted tropicals each summer and let their vibrant blooms dazzle you. From the rare to the whimsical, the Arboretum’s botanical galleries provide a fresh dose of natural beauty every season. Don’t sleep on their calendar of events either—you can join expert-led classes on bonsai, ikebana floral design, and more.

Address: 1401 Ashebourn Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410

Phone: (336) 285-8286

LoFi Park

Once an abandoned warehouse district, the budding West Lewis Street Arts District has transformed into a breeding ground for local art and creativity. At the heart of this revival, you’ll find LoFi Park—a literal playground for adults who never outgrew their inner child. Built by a community of resident artists, LoFi is an ever-evolving “experimental space” where imaginations run wild. One day you may find a maze of hidden pathways and climbable sculptures, the next a surreal mural village that teleports you into Van Gogh’s Arles. Stop by any given evening and you could stumble onto pop-up comedy shows, live bands, or cutting-edge art exhibits. The only way to truly experience LoFi is to let your senses go and embrace the surprise. Of course, having a party bus stocked with drinks helps set that carefree artistic vibe from the start. Party Bus Greensboro hooks you up with the perfect whimsical chariot to complement the free-spirited wonderland at LoFi. With room for your whole crew, you can dance like you’re at Bonnaroo all the way to West Lewis Street.

Address: 615 W Lee St, Greensboro, NC 27403

Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company

You’ve probably heard of the underground speakeasy bars redefining the craft brew scene. But Gibb’s Hundred has taken that concept and elevated it into a full-blown immersive adventure. As the only brewery carved into an actual underground cellar, it transports you back to the clandestine vibes of Prohibition-era drinking dens. Follow the unmarked staircase down into the subterranean space, softly illuminated by antique Edison bulbs. Cozy fireplaces and chipped brick archways set the mood as you settle in with a curated flight of small-batch lagers and ales. From robust porters to tart farmhouse brews, you’ll quickly become a Gibb’s Hundred connoisseur. The real star is the flagship Pecan Pie Brown Ale with its nutty, caramelly notes—a taste of Greensboro you won’t find anywhere else. As a literal underground hideaway, this intimate 49-seat brewpub is a tough secret to crack. The easiest way to unlock the fun? Roll up in Party Bus Greensboro’s swanky fleet, of course. With bar-stocked premium shuttles, your crew can pre-game in lavish style before descending into Gibb’s hallowed depths.

Address: 117 W Lewis St, Greensboro, NC 27406

Boxcar Bar + Arcade

Pinball wizard? Old-school gamer? Or just a lover of deliciously meta-ironic vibes? Whatever your gamingstyle, the Boxcar Bar + Arcade is about to be your new favorite spot. Part sports bar, part old-school arcade, this funky joint is a veritable playground for big kids at heart. Two stories of classic arcade cabinets and modern gaming consoles deliver a serious dose of nostalgia, transporting you right back to 1990. Split a pitcher of local brews as your squad takes on rounds of NBA Jam, Donkey Kong, and GoldenEye, just like middle school sleepovers. Need a breather between skee-ball marathons? Cheers over the sizzling sounds of their famous chicken wings and deep-fried apps. Or hit the heated patio during cooler months to watch the big game on the massive outdoor screen. With 22,000-square-feet of animated gaming bliss, your inner child is about to have a full-blown field day!

Address: 120 W Lewis St, Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone: (336) 698-7314

Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe

When the sun’s blazing and you need a serious cooldown, Point your party bus towards Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe waterpark. This tropical-themed oasis serves up all the slippery thrills of a Caribbean waterpark, minus the pricey airfare. From the towering, tangled flumes of the Supersonic Tornado to the gentle Dainty Dolphin lazy river, Emerald Pointe delivers aquatic excitement for all ages. Hype beasts will go wild over the supercharged Point Plummet body slide, dropping you through a 360-degree loop from 12 stories up. Or cruise for milder chills like the swirling Hurricane Bay wave pool or sprawling Splash Island kids’ area. After chilling all day on the slides and splashgrounds, you’ll be craving that Party Bus Greensboro air conditioning blasting at max. Our spacious interiors give your entire crew room to spread out and recover with snacks and refreshments before your next stop. Just be sure to show up in those tropical separates–this party bus was made for getting wet ‘n wild!

Address: 8404 International Dr, Greensboro, NC 27409

Phone: (336) 819-4481

Woody’s Towne and Country

Who doesn’t love a cheesy dive bar where the carpet is sticky and the billiard tables get plenty of play? Woody’s Towne & Country is Greensboro’s beloved no-frills watering hole—the kind of joint where the beer signs are vintage, the live music is ready to rage, and everyone feels right at home. Once you walk through the doors, you’re instantly enveloped in a cloud of down-home hospitality and neighborly charm that only a true local haunt can deliver. Saddling up to the well-worn bar, you’ll alternate between knocking back bourbon shots and racheting up the competitive smack talk over games of 9-ball. Meanwhile, the jukebox blares the greatest guitar gods until some brave soul takes the stage for open mic night.

Address: 1207 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27408

Phone: (336) 273-7666

Revolution Burger

Sure, In-N-Out and Shake Shack may get all the hype, but locals know the real spot for epic gourmet burgers is Revolution Burger. This mouthwatering gem dishes up outrageously creative patties that are equally crave-worthy and healthyish. Rev’s all about that #CleanEating grind, using locally-sourced ingredients free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and other unsavories. Yet somehow, their grass-fed beef and veggie patties still come stuffed with insane toppings like chili brisket, pimento cheese, chorizo, and kung-pao mushrooms—all between buttery brioche buns to die for. Once you go Revolution, you’ll wonder how you ever settled for basic bacon and cheddar. Pair your burger feat with some beer-battered fries and a local craft pint from their selection of NC brews. The bright sunroom and roll-up patio doors cultivate that fresh, contemporary vibe perfect for savoring creative munchies with your party crew.

Address: 609 Deep Valley Dr #301, Greensboro, NC 27408

Phone: (336) 235-2721

Plan Your Trip With Party Bus Greensboro

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